Conan, Some Guy I’ve Never Heard of, & Dalai Lama Join Twitter

And now it’s time to recap this day in Twitter. And like most days in Twitter, it’s been somewhat mixed.

First up, the good news. Conan O’Brien, after being shit-canned by NBC for not being Jay Leno-y enough, now has an active Twitter account. Here’s his debut Tweet:

Ah, classic Coco.

But seriously, Conan’s the kind of person who could make something like Twitter entertaining. If you want a good laugh, I encourage you to follow his Twitter account, as well as those of fellow comics Craig Ferguson & Stephen Colbert.

Speaking of Craig Ferguson, Tuesday he had Stephen Fry on his show, and they talked about, among other things, internet trolling, Twitter, and how Fry owned one of the first-ever Apple computers. Fry brought up several interesting points about the upsides of Twitter and even put it in a historical context. It was all must-see TV.

And now we transition from intentional comedy to UNintentional comedy…

I know NOTHING about sports. The Olympics are one big white blur to me. Which is why I’m not quite sure how to feel about White Sox coach Ozzie Guillen joining Facebook. But I know this shit is hilarious.

OMFGROFLMAO! (Not really.)

I get the sense that if Salvador Dalí had a Twitter page, this is the kind of stuff we’d be seeing.

But at least Guillen is the kind of person you’d expect to see on Twitter. How about the Dalai Lama?

His spiritual holiness also recently joined Twitter, but it’s all just announcements and links to his media appearances. So if you’re looking for enlightenment and spiritual nirvana, you’re better off getting high.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Tech tAUk does NOT endorse getting high. Just Josh.)

But just as when White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joined Twitter, you have your hilarious/absurd comments to sort through. Here are two highlights:

Oh dear God. (Or, more accurately, oh dear spiritual omniscience.)

So there you have it. Three all-new Twitter users. I just can’t imagine there’s anything else in the news now to make me dislike Twitter again.

Lil Wayne is scheduled to be sentenced for weapon charges next Tuesday, but on the eve of his possible year-long incarceration, the pint-sized rapper started a twitter page to keep his fans up to date.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.