Say, have you heard of this thing called “HD”?

Yeah, that’s old school. When your tell your kids about HD, they’ll roll their eyes and say, “Come on! You’re telling me you didn’t have interactive TV when you were young?”

Well, now designers have found the missing link that is going to connect HDTV to the virtual reality tele-discs of 2025.

You might not have heard, but 3D is beginning to make a comeback. I know there’s a reason for this, but I just can’t put my zekwä on it…

Pretty much all the big television companies have announced they’re developing 3D TVs. Sony, Panasonic, and the rest of them are fighting to take the lead in the HD3DTV market.

If you’re at all interested in getting one of these TVs, check out this article. It compares features and prices from the “big four” TV companies. Only problem: it’s in pounds. Which I know is unhelpful, so here’s a link to a currency conversion website.

Sony has also been working on 3D capabilities for their blu-ray players and Playstation 3’s.

Samsung, meanwhile, held a party in Times Square to raise awareness about their new TVs. I’m sure the choice of guests reflected the products chosen…

While Panasonic opted for a low key roll-out of its at a Best Buy store in Union Square, Samsung called on music powerhouse “Black Eyed Peas” to celebrate “the liberation of 2D entertainment into full high-definition 3D” with a performance in Times Square .

Whaaa? Could this get any more bizarre?

The director of Oscar nominated film “Avatar”, James Cameron, had his award-winning technology and crew on hand to shoot the “Black Eyed Peas” concert, turning it into a 3D performance.

In fact, James Cameron’s 3D filming of the Black Eyed Peas has already been nominated for several Academy Awards.


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