Blinded Iraq Veteran Sees With Tongue

This is actually pretty cool

A soldier blinded by a grenade in Iraq has had his life transformed by ground-breaking technology that enables him to ‘see’ with his tongue.

The device is called the BrainPort, and it was designed in the U.S. to assist the blind. The person wears special sunglasses with a video camera attached in the middle. A wire at the back tips of the sunglasses attaches to the person’s tongue and sends it electronic pulses that form shapes of the person’s surroundings in their head.

Users cannot speak or eat while using the BrainPort so designers are hoping to create a smaller device that could be permanently fixed behind the teeth or to the roof of the mouth enabling more natural use.

Anything that helps injured serivcemen and women after their tours of duty is certainly an invention that we should hope the United States military starts using frequently.

Also, I should mention that tomorrow, the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America will give a presentation on “the Power of Technology to Change the Lives of Veterans.” Click here to learn more.


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