Heidi in 3D WTF?

Recently, movie critic Roger Ebert posted this on Twitter.

Initially, I wasn’t convinced. What’s the big deal about being charged several extra dollars just to see a slight bit of multidimensionality in the film? What does Roger Ebert know about technology? (Actually, quite a bit.)

But then I saw this.

After filming six seasons of MTV’s The Hills, Heidi Montag is ready to say goodbye to the show that shot her to reality fame…

One of the characters Montag wants to play is “a lifeguard named Summer” in a script she wrote herself.

“I am making the first 3-D beach comedy about a shark that attacks a small beach town and I save the day with my 3-D boobs,” Montag says. “I’ve even written a role for Dolly Parton to play the town mayor!”

And while that project has yet to be greenlit, Montag is as confident as ever that she’ll make a splash in the film industry. Says Montag, “I’m now finally free to start my career and my new life as female mogul in Hollywood!”

Let that sink in for a while. “3-D beach comedy.” Just think about that for a second. A beach comedy… in 3-D. And it’s most important purpose will be to enhance breasts.

Much as I’d like to be okay with that, even I have limits.