Study Finds Tweeters Not Tweeting

Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Twitter may be a fast-growing social network, but most of its 50 million accounts merely follow other users rather than posting their own messages.

In fact, a whopping 73% of Twitter accounts have tweeted fewer than 10 times according to a new report from Barracuda Networks, a Web security company.

Telling figures indeed. But exactly how many is that? A January Labnol article puts the total number of Twitter accounts at about 6 million, which means that… wait, gimme a sec… so do I divide by 73?… crap, I should know this, I’m in college… oh, here we go… about 4.38 million people are not actually using their Twitter accounts, which means…

6 minus 4.38 is… 1.62 million, so only about 1.62 million people are actually using Twitter.

It’s about 10 months since, but here’s a study from June of last year with some very telling figures about Twitter users.

79.79% [of users] failed to provide a homepage URL

75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile

68.68% have not specified a location

55.50% are not following anyone

54.88% have never tweeted

52.71% have no followers

They then go on to define an inactive Twitter user as someone with less than 10 followers, less than 10 friends, and less than 10 updates. And by this definition, they found just 10 months ago that “9.06 of all Twitter users are inactive.”

Interesting how that percentage appears to have grown a lot in less than a year. Though to be fair, it’s not like most people on Twitter are worth following.

But follow Douglas. Oh, and Tech tAUk. Oh, and ATV.

UPDATE: Oh, and me now.