“Sex and the City” Bails on Apple

Like, omigod. Are you as like excited for like the new like Sex and the like City movie? It’s gonna like be totally like stellar. They’re gonna like keep like the characters like true to themselves.

Like right like?

From the cloud of gossip swirling round the second Sex and the City film… comes this raindrop: thanks to fiendish efforts… on the part of the Hewlett-Packard marketing department, Carrie may be about to swap from a Mac to a PC.

Wait, what?

Yes, people who don’t give two figs in a sandbox about “Sex and the City.” Apparently Carrie and… those other ones… aren’t just whores for men, but for HP as well.

I’m going to file this one under “I don’t care about this movie, but hey, it’s about computers and I need to fill my post quota for the day.”


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