Internet Explorer Turns 15, Surprisingly Still the Most Used Browser

15 years ago today, the web browser Internet Explorer was released. Windows users will be happy to know that it still remains the dominant browser in the market, while Apple users will be shocked that it’s still alive and well.

This chart shows that IE still makes up around 50% of all worldwide browser usage. Firefox is in a distant second at 30%, while Google Chrome and Safari are far behind at 10% and 8% respectively.

Its number one status can be explained easily by its heavy corporate use. Most large companies are still using Windows computers, and not very many of them see the purpose in downloading a new browser when Microsoft gives you Internet Explorer to begin with.

But IE can’t sustain itself without keeping up with the times. Internet Explorer 9.0, to be released in beta on September 15th, is going to include HTML5 support and improved hardware acceleration. An HTML5 test conducted back in June showed that IE 9 loaded faster than Chrome 6.

There’s just one problem: it doesn’t work on Windows XP. And if you look at the chart below…

…that might be a bit of a problem.