Women Mindf–k All Of Us On Facebook

I couldn’t have been the only person who noticed the “I like it on…” Facebook trend yesterday. “I like it on the table.” “I like it on the bed.” Now, at first I was a little concerned yesterday was the anniversary of some sort of big sex thing that happened a few decades ago or something. And naturally, everybody not in on this secret was assuming… well, you know.

But apparently this was part of something completely different: a whisper campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer. The trend went viral on Facebook, and pretty much every girl you know on Facebook was posting this yesterday.

This is the second Facebook trend like this in less than a year. Back in January, women all over Facebook were posting the color of their bras for breast cancer awareness.

I’d go on about how awkward this whole campaign was, but I’ll let a professional journalist sum it up for me:

Do all breast-cancer memes on Facebook really have to involve sexual innuendo?


The other question I have for everyone who participated is: why keep it a secret? Isn’t the point of spreading awareness to, you know, spread awareness? Why confuse men about it? You think we’re all going to have this big revelation once we find out what it really means? Everyone knows breast cancer is an important cause, and the point is to get as many people as possible rallying around your cause. So why be vague?

But the main reason I’m concerned is now men might decide to do the same thing for testicular cancer. And I REALLY don’t want guys posting anything having to do with their balls.


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