Man Creates Parody of iPhone Ads to Propose to Girlfriend

This may be the first actually heartwarming story I’ve posted on the blog. A man in Minnesota wanted to marry his girlfriend, and so decided to propose to her. But how to do it? On the porch? Hide the ring in her dessert? Nope, this guy created a video that looks a lot like an iPhone ad, and paid a local movie theater to play it on the big screen. Watch and be amazed.

I know this seems cheesy, and I suspect it put a lot of pressure on the woman, but you’ve got to give him credit for his dedication and skillful editing. As one YouTube commenter put it, “Dude, you made all of us guys look lame.”

This is the first parody of an Apple ad that I think has any merit whatsoever. Contrast that with this ridiculous South Park video:

Disgusting. Oh, and what about these two idiots?

Ha ha ha. Very clever, boys. Like anyone’s gonna watch your stupid college TV show anyway.


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