New Nintendo Games Come With Autopilot Mode

I never thought I would live to see the day when humanity’s traditional laziness would trickle over into video games, but apparently we have reached that point.

Thanks a lot, Nintendo

In a move to help struggling gamers negotiate tricky parts of a game, Nintendo has started releasing games with a built-in auto-pilot mode. You’ll be able to “play” the latest game — Donkey Kong Country Returns — when it is released for the Wii on Sunday.

Although the so-called “Super Guide” feature is optional and only accessible after multiple failed attempts, it was met with jeers and eye rolls by gamers when it was first announced. But Nintendo says any concerns are blown out of proportion. Spokesman Kit Ellis told that the new mode is similar to the numerous cheat codes, online game FAQs, and YouTube walk-throughs that frustrated gamers already consult.

“The idea of providing players with insider tips and secrets is as old as games themselves,” Ellis said. “The new twist with Super Guide is that these tips are built into the game itself, so players don’t have to pause and go reference some other source to get the answer they are looking for.”

“It’s more convenient for players,” he said.

Convenient, as in, “Why waste time actually developing a new strategy for defeating that insanely hard boss when you can just have the game do it for you?”

Video games really don’t provide many life lessons, but at least most of these games help you use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Video games used to be an escape for when we were too lazy to clean up our rooms or do the dishes. Now we have a way to avoid hard work… while actually avoiding hard work!