Tech tAUk Reloaded #7: Turn the Blood Off in the Settings

Tech tAUk Reloaded

Apple releases a dramatic new version of its iOS mobile operating system, along with two new iPhone models. We recap all of that, plus another look at violent video games getting blown out of proportion. We also welcome to the show as our first guest host one of the former Tech tAUkers from our TV days, Andrew Hersh.

As Apple launches the iPhone 5c and 5s, they sell a record 9 million phones in opening weekend, and completely sell out of iPhone 5s models. At the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City, a record 1,417 customers line up to grab the new devices.

Meanwhile, iOS 7’s adoption rate quickly surpasses that of last year’s iOS 6, despite the dramatic differences. Douglas and Andrew review the new OS and share some surprising disappointments with the new interface. We also note the security flaws discovered with Control Center on the home screen and the emergency calling system.

In an extended Game Zone segment, we look back at last week’s Navy Yard shooting and the ties that the media have been drawing between the shooter and his time playing violent video games. Josh and Andrew also look at the reviews of Grand Theft Auto V, and a new program to play Sony PS3 games on a PS4.

Douglas takes over Josh’s FLUNKS! segment for a series of iPhone-related FLUNKS:

Actually, while we were recording this episode, a German company’s hack of Touch ID was confirmed.

Finally, Josh talks about the Dish network’s Hopper DVR, and the legal battles concerning its advertisement-skipping ability.

Episode Duration: 1:09:40
On This Episode: Douglas Bell, Josh Feldman, and Andrew Hersh
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