Tech tAUk October 20, 2012 – Halloween of Patience Edition

What happens when you’re a tech show, and you decide to film a Halloween special 2 weeks early? It turns out that long waits are the scariest things that can happen in the tech world, and we had plenty of long waits in this episode. That said, this is still a plenty-fun, guest-filled episode of Tech tAUk, not to be missed.

Tech tAUk crew member Chris Pyle finally gets his wish and forces Doug and Josh to play Slender. But far from the game being scary, it takes forever for anything to end up happening! We also try our hands at a tech-themed pumpkin carving contest, with really crappy pumpkin carving equipment. And we bring in Batman to help officiate the carving contest, and entertain us as it proceeds.

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Our ghoulish tech headlines this week:

After the pumpkin carving contest, Douglas goes to his self-proclaimed Magic Wall of Operating System Demos to compare the two latest desktop operating system offerings from Apple and Microsoft: OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8, focusing on how they each represent different philosophies about the future of desktop and mobile platforms.

Then, Josh brings out the fear of failure in his latest installment of FLUNKS, focusing his attention on Apple, Netflix, and more insanity by PETA.

Finally, in this week’s “Are You Sirious?” we find out what Siri is wearing for Halloween, and Josh indulges some nostalgia with a Pork Jam remix for our Viral Video of the Week. And we’ve got a little pumpkin-carving Easter egg waiting for those of you who watch past the end of the credits.

Coming soon: watch the full Slender gameplay and pumpkin carving contest segments!


Tech tAUk September 22, 2012 – Ask for Directions Edition

Who knows why anyone at AU (after their first week of freshman year) would need a map to get around campus, but unfortunately, Apple Maps tripped up Josh in his effort to make it to the studio. But once we got past that snafu, we put together this very informative episode of Tech tAUk.

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Our tech headlines this week:

ATV’s own self-proclaimed Steve Jobs fanboy Geet Jeswani joins Doug to talk about his experience camping out overnight for the launch of the iPhone 5, and offers a live review of the new device.

Josh talks about the recent provocative YouTube movie that has created an uproar in the Middle East, and has led to a renewed debate between the protection of freedom of speech on the internet, and the concerns of free speech inciting violence.

Doug is then joined by Patrick Dillon, who reviews the new documentary Side By Side, which looks at the divide between emerging digital cinematography and traditional film cinematography.

And after another “Are You Sirious?” inquiry to Siri, our Viral Video of the Week is simple and amusing: a bulldog jumping on a trampoline.

Tech tAUk September 15, 2012 – Season 4 Premier-acle Edition

They said it would never happen. Some of them said it should never happen. But Tech tAUk returns to the ATV airwaves for its fourth season!

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In what has long been a pre-holiday season ritual, Apple announced the long-anticipated iPhone 5, along with new iPod nano and iPod touch models and a new style of Apple’s signature earbuds called EarPods. Douglas and Josh dissect these announcements and share their thoughts on them.

Also on this episode, Douglas and Josh personify this summer’s epic legal battle between Apple and Samsung in a Grate Da Bait, the Tech tAUk Gamers look at the latest in gaming news on the Game Zone, and Josh looks at the party platform’s mentions of internet freedom and security issues in a new “Lip Service Edition” of AmeriTech 2012.

In a new segment this season called “Are You Sirious?” Josh and Douglas ask a philosophical question to Siri, with interesting results. And our Viral Video of the Week is probably going to be the Viral Video of the Year, the infamous Gangnam Style, which we also decided to parody ourselves.

Tech tAUk December 10, 2011 – Tech tAUkanukkah: The Festival of Bytes!

Coming off the heels of last year’s Tech the Halls holiday special, Douglas is all ready to kick off another great Christmas spectacular. Except Josh has another idea–and a contractual loophole to match–forcing a Hanukkah-themed holiday episode. Tensions aren’t the only thing inflamed in this episode; the holidays also gave us some holiday illnesses that we had to work through. Even so, this great episode features singing, dancing, Hebrew words, and plenty more to enjoy.

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Our tech headlines this week:

In our latest edition of Grate Da Bait, Douglas and Josh spar over whether the holiday season has become over-commercialized. Mixed metaphors ensue. Then, barred from Christmas, Douglas talks about New Years, specifically five tech New Years resolutions that he has set for himself.

Josh then takes to the interwebs to show off some explicitly Hanukkah-themed tech gifts, including:

Finally, for this week’s Random Geeky Fact of the Week, Josh does his best to explain the secrets behind the scheduling of Hanukkah, for those of you who may have wondered why the holiday is at a different time every year. Douglas and Josh then reconcile their differences in the spirit of the holiday season.

Tech tAUk November 19, 2011 – Epic Hamburger Time Edition

Would you be able to eat a 15.9 pound hamburger? For our Thanksgiving special last fall, we did exactly that. In this memorably-filling episode, we trek down to BGR The Burger Joint in Dupont Circle and pick up their infamous 9-Pounder Burger to feast upon. Meanwhile, during the feast, each of our crew members shares who or what he is thankful for, and we proceed to negotiate with the crew members union to resolve our semester-long labor dispute.

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Our tech headlines this week:

In the Game Zone, Josh is joined by gaming correspondents Andrew Hersh and Chris Pyle to discuss the nominees for the Spike Video Game Awards, and PETA releasing a protest Mario-knockoff game called Mario Kills Tanooki.

Finally, Josh’s Random Geeky Fact of the Week looks at a patented Pie-Filling Device from 1986, and our Viral Video of the Week looks ahead to the holiday season with a look at an awesome new app for A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Bonus Clips:
Unedited Video of our Thanksgiving Feast!
The Epic Burger Trailer Video by Jc Tecklenberg