Tech tAUk Reloaded #37: Xbox On, Wiretap In, Swear Out

Josh visits DC for the weekend, and so for the second time we record the show together from our old stomping grounds at the ATV studio at American University. We’re not sure quite what the vibe was in there this week, but boy, did this episode get weird in a hurry. (Fair warning, this episode is not recommended for small children. Or large children, either.)

Our tech headlines this week:

Josh recaps the biggest news from this year’s E3 conference:

On the one-year anniversary of the Edward Snowden leaks that inspired our all-too-frequent segment, ROCK in the NSA, we reflect on the past year of revelations, where the NSA and government officials stand on the leaks. Edward Snowden gives a primetime interview to NBC News, leaving open the possibility of a possible (though unlikely) amnesty deal, while journalist Glen Greenwald says the biggest NSA revelations are yet to come.

Douglas reviews Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iOS ($0.99 on the App Store).

And in a mini-edition of FLUNKS, Josh gives a FLUNK to an Xbox One ad that is remotely controlling actual Xbox Ones, and gives an EPIC WOW to the website “Look At All The F#@ks We Give”. (No further explanation necessary.)

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On This Episode: Douglas Bell and Josh Feldman
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Tech tAUk Reloaded #36: Tweet-Worthy Intelligence

The CIA joins Twitter (though they can neither confirm nor deny that fact), but we resist the urge to make that our top story this week. Instead, we step back and play Monopoly… or rather, look at the big telecommunications companies that are merging left and right and engaging in monopolistic practices.

In the debut of our segment, Monopoly — “F#@k You, Consumers!” Edition:

Josh does a special Game Zone covering E3:

Our tech headlines this week:

Finally, Josh shares a Random Geeky Fact on how Apple Mini DisplayPort to HDMI must be withdrawn due to standards noncompliance. And Douglas debuts a new segment called “This Should Have Been Obvious In Hindsight”:

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Tech tAUk Reloaded #35: The Half Dome OS

We are hot off the presses this week on Tech tAUk Reloaded! Coming to you just hours after Apple executives Tim Cook and Craig Federighi delivered their annual Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote, we thoroughly analyze all of the announcements from WWDC and break down the biggest news from Apple’s first major product announcement of 2014.

WWDC 2014 Announcements
Software was the entire focus at this morning’s keynote, as Apple previewed OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, both free upgrades slated for release this fall.

Headlining the new features in OS X Yosemite is a new iOS-inspired redesign, and a handful of new features including improvements to Mail, Safari, Notification Center, and Spotlight. Chief among the new iOS 8 features include new features in Messages, iCloud Photo Library, QuickType keyboard, Health, and Family Sharing.

Getting a lot of attention for both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 is Apple’s concept of Continuity, providing deep integration between Macs and iOS devices, and making it possible for works in progress to instantly transfer between devices, offering AirDrop support between Mac and iOS, and even allowing Macs and iPads to send and receive phone calls and SMS messages on behalf of wirelessly-connected iPhone, and more. And iCloud Drive brings filesystem support to iOS and documents in iCloud, directly competing with Dropbox.

Finally, a slew of new developer features in iOS 8 offers users new App Store functionalities, deeper integration into system services by third-party apps, third-party widgets in Notification Center, custom keyboards, and console-level speed increases for games.

Our other tech headlines this week:

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Tech tAUk Reloaded #34: The Right To Be Forgotten

We always find it interesting (albeit sometimes dispiriting) when our tech headlines align with the national political scene. But this week we go one further, offering not just an international flair to our stories, but an interstellar one as well. You’ll have to listen in to find out.

Our tech headlines this week:

In our Bytes of the Week, Josh discusses the controversial ethics of creating CGI characters to replace deceased actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Walker in movies they were in. And in advance of next week’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Douglas acknowledges some default OS X apps that get under-recognized, some of which have some rather interesting stories: Automator, Calculator, Chess, Font Book, Image Capture, Preview, Stickies, and TextEdit.

Join us on Monday when we will be live-tweeting Tim Cook’s WWDC Keynote on @TechtAUk from 1-3 pm EDT, followed by our post-WWDC Keynote episode coming out next week!

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Tech tAUk Reloaded #33: Stay On Hold

When you host a show, sometimes circumstances beyond your control force you to do things that you never thought you’d have to do. Case in point, this week, we had to do research on Dr. Dre. Between that and a bunch of other semi-depressing news, it’s a good thing we have a corny musical bit at the end of this week’s episode to lift our spirits.

Note: This episode was recorded before a few of the tech headlines we covered were confirmed or modified with new details by the companies in question. Some of the articles we cite below may now be out of date.

Our tech headlines this week:

Josh continues our long-running failure-inducing segment with a new spate of FLUNKS:

In this week’s installment of A Very Tiny Bit of Awesome, Douglas offers a shout-out to Uberconference, whose hold music is a country song about being on hold on a conference call: “I’m on Hold” by Alex Cornell.

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On This Episode: Douglas Bell and Josh Feldman
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